Showcasing cashless, access and social sharing wristband technology at the UK Festival Awards launch party

festivalawards_email_bannerLast night’s UK Festival Awards launch party saw the event industry elite celebrate with free drinks redeemed via RFID wristbands, courtesy of our InSite Cashless system and friends at ID&C.

Over 100 representatives from major and independent festivals, ticket outlets and global sponsor brands, descended on Covent Garden’s Hospital Club, where each guest received an ID&C-supplied RFID wristband loaded with £10 worth of drinks vouchers. Our cashless payment system enabled partygoers to pay for drinks at the bar with a simple tap of the wrist – with the added ability to instantly view their remaining balance.

The event also featured our access control system, scanning-in guests on arrival and displaying real-time entry and bar spend data on a screen inside the venue.

Our social photo sharing system proved a big hit with the festival organisers and sponsor brands in attendance, allowing guests to have their pictures taken, shared via social media and printed wirelessly on the spot.

The launch marks the 10th anniversary year of the UK Festival Awards, with the main ceremony taking place at the Round House on December 2nd.

Intelligent Venue Solutions are a primary sponsor of both the UK and European Festival Awards and will be deploying some innovative activations using RFID technology at both events.


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