Audience Intelligence

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Our system enables the user to clearly display all event data, both in real time during at event, and afterwards for a more in depth analysis all in one place to assist in planning and preparation for future events and post event analysis.

Working with our In-Site system enables you to gain an unparalleled insight into your audience, helping you to build better customer relationships, more closely shape your event to fit their preferences and target new customers more effectively. Our user-friendly dashboard provides comprehensive real-time and post-event analytics at individual, group and audience-wide perspective and integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM systems.

The Benefits of Intelligent Audience Profiling

  • Increase fan loyalty and attract more visitors by delivering a more tailored customer experience
  • Increase advance sales and save costs through more targeted and streamlined marketing and programming
  • Respond quickly and productively to shifts in consumer expectations
  • Make your event more attractive to sponsors and your sponsors more relevant to your audience, increasing both revenues and customer experience
  • Offer fans targeted consumer offers before, during and after the event increasing revenues and engagement whilst reducing opt-out
  • In-Site Event TechnologyAccurately measure the return on investment from promotional campaigns and experiential activities for the event and your brand partners
  • Plan/model new offers, products and services more effectively


Intelligence Collection Opportunities

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