Digital technology is transforming the way audiences experience and interact with live events and the industry is undergoing a dramatic shift as a result. Fortunately, the same technology offers event organisers powerful new ways to build customer relationships and gain deep insights into their audiences. Our role in this exciting transition is to guide organisations to implement intelligent operational solutions that enhance revenues, efficiencies, customer relationships and visitor experiences to the maximum possible extent.

Opportunity Identification

Bringing together events, technology providers and brands, identifying common aspirations and promoting a sustainable partnership model

Solution Design

Working iteratively with all stakeholders, including sponsorship, product and acquiring teams and their agents, Promoters and their rights holders, and the delivery partners to agree a holistic design for contactless activations. Focus is on:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Customer Journey definition
  • Product Construct and service definition
  • Partner identification

Stakeholder Liaison

The Festivals and events industry is a complex web of inter-relationships – promoters, sponsors, rights holders, artists, ticket agents etc. IVS, with in excess of 50 years’ combined live events experience, can help navigate these waters to ensure a successful project delivery

Prototyping, benchmarking and testing

In the innovation space, it is important to have mechanisms to introduce improvements and measure real-world performance

Project Management

End-to-end project management and delivery responsibility