Child Safety & Age Verification

In-Site Event TechnologyWith our In-Site technology, the live event environment becomes much safer for children and teenagers, and more enjoyable for their parents.

Benefits and features include:

Our contactless technology makes festivals much safer for little ones and more enjoyable for their parents

  • Child wristbands are encoded with parents’ contact details in case they get lost on-site
  • The access control system can be configured to restrict underage access to certain areas and attractions as well as ensuring that only pre-registered adult guardians can access childrens’ areas
  • Supports RFID or barcode (much cheaper than RFID) wristbands
  • Enables super-efficient age verification for the purchase of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes
  • Parents of young adults can view their children’s balances and transactions, and top them up via the internet or mobile from anywhere outside or inside the event