Managed Fast Card Payments

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IVS can provide the fastest and most reliable managed solution in the market for accepting card payments on site using an internet connection (rather than a mobile telecoms network which is unreliable in a live event environment).

This can provide a valuable first step towards a cashless event and consists of:

  • IP-based payment terminals capable of accepting all common Chip+PIN card types as well as swipe and contactless payments from VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards
  • Active network equipment such as switches and bridges local to the payment devices
  • Real-time transactional and management Interface showing transactions by terminal and location as they happen
  • Ultra-fast payment processing and acquiring services (typically less than 3 seconds – much faster than in the retail environment)
  • Transaction-based charging mechanisms
  • Fast settlement backed by a Tier One acquiring partner
  • On-site training, support and services available during all operational hours

Last Import - 21This service, specifically optimised for the live events market, can be made available as a package to all bar, catering, retail and merchqandise outlets on site, allowing the event organiser to gain a share of the transaction fee and audit trail transparency on every transaction taking place on-site. IVS would work to determine pre-event publicity to concession-holders, and co-ordinate deployment.

The IVS solution is powered by Global Payments, a Tier-One acquirer, and delivered in conjunction with our Payment Service Provider partners TS3 Services Ltd., a PCI-DSS certified transaction processing provider connected to all the major UK acquirers. The solution is backed by MasterCard Europe as part of their effort to support the spread of electronic payments into the Festivals and events market.

The combination of these partners enable us to offer the fastest, most reliable solution on the market today, with features specifically designed for the live events market and the most competitive transaction rates.

In our experience, simply allowing people to make fast card payments on-site generates a significant incremental uplift  in transactions (as much as 35%) that does not reduce cash takings.

In 2013, Our Managed Fast Card Payments System Processed:

  • More than £2.5 million in customer spend
  • Over 80,000 transactions
  • Average bar transactions at music festivals between £20-£30 (people tend to buy a round of drinks when using their cards, vs a single drink when using cash)

We supplied this service at the following events in 2013:

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Mark Hatch, Director, Central Catering Services:We have always believed that the combination of contactless, cashless and fast card clearance payments are the foundation of fully cashless future festivals. The successful provision of these payment systems by IVS and the experience gained at the Isle of Wight last week have confirmed this

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