Our In-Site Solutions

In-Site Event TechnologyOur In-Site technology offers a suite of components designed to combine together to offer flexible solutions that can be individually tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

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Our Bespoke Solutions Will Significantly Enhance…

  • Your control over the event
  • The experience your customers receive
  • Your revenue from existing and new income streams
  • Your event’s audience engagement and loyalty
  • Security and site safety at your event
  • Transparency over all financial transactions on your site
  • Operational efficiencies at your event
  • The value of your event to supporting brand partners

From full access control, integrated cashless facilities, automated social media tie-ins and many other added value options such as voucher redemption, managing VIP ticket collection, surveys and prize draws, we bring these together in a seamless solution.

All the data from our In-Site solutions is available for analysis, both real-time during an event and afterwards for more in-depth analysis and future planning.