Staff & Asset Management

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Included within our system is the ability to further increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by:

  • Knowing the location and movements of all working personnel and hardware at all times with our staff and asset tracking system
  • Controlling staff entitlements such as meal tickets using RFID chips or barcodes fitted to their passes.

Our Crew Accreditation and Asset Management system enables:

  • Quick and easy Crew Accreditation
  • Equipment Sign-Out and Tracking using robust RFID/barcode stickers affixed to the equipment

Features & benefits include:

  • Can be used with people, vehicles and miscellaneous hardware such as microphones, walkie-talkies, tablet PC’s, etc.
  • Supports RFID, NFC and barcode on wristbands, laminates, key-fobs, stickers and mobile devices
  • Can dramatically reduce on-site emergency response times
  • Control an unlimited number of different areas and access rights
  • Supports photo ID for increased security
  • Supports time restrictions to control access rights outside of working hours

Our Crew Catering System

An electronic/token ‘entitlement’ service to support the provision of crew catering. This includes the following functionality:

  • Issuance of simple RFID or barcode devices (laminates, wristbands, cards, etc.) encoded with pre-determined entitlements (vouchers or currency) to eligible crew customers
  • Deployment of mobile readers at the Crew Catering location to validate entitlement and decrement vouchers
  • Ability to dynamically allocate further entitlements as required
  • Real-time and post-event reporting and analysis of usage and spend
  • Can be used in conjunction with a cashless payments system to allow staff to redeem their entitlements with participating public vendors, supporting staff discount schemes

Our Staff Management Clients Include:

T In The ParkThe Isle Of Wight Festival