Introducing: Cashless Plus

Cashless Plus is the product of 4 years’ pioneering and award-winning work by IVS with many of the most prominent brands in the live music, sports, banking and technology sectors, to create a cashless solution that works brilliantly in any live event environment

Brands we have worked with in developing  components of this revolutionary system include:

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Unique features of Cashless Plus include:

C+bullet Rooted in the payment industry

  • Partnered with MasterCard-certified Pre-Paid Program Manager
  • Developed from our work on open-loop systems in conjunction with MasterCard

C+bullet Adhering to most stringent PCI-DSS standards

  • An enterprise-quality solution
  • Data held and processed in online/online dual redundant enterprise data centres
  • Multi-tiered multiple redundancy for maximum reliability
  • Trustworthy financial processing performed by payment industry organisations

C+bullet All customer money held in independent customer account

  • Automated trader onboarding and settlement process
  • A tailored solution to meet event requirements
  • On-scheme or off-scheme

C+bullet Online or offline

  • Pre-event and at event attended and unattended loading
  • Auto-top-up and auto-redemption available
  • Automated revenue management at source
  • Complete solution or integrated with existing systems

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Cashless Plus offers payment solution variants available to meet all event requirements

C+bullet  Full On-Scheme – This is a fully open loop EMV based product operating via the MasterCard network. We use the transit compatible M Chip sourced via card printer with transactions processed via FIS or GPS. Global acceptance (anywhere displaying the MasterCard sign).

C+bullet  Hybrid On/Off Scheme – This is a fully open loop product that will be accepted anywhere on the MasterCard network, but within a client-defined ‘closed loop’ area terminals are controlled and transactions are directed to us rather than to MasterCard. We then internally manage the authorisation and settlement process. This solution thus avoids MasterCard and acquirer interchange and Merchant Service charges.

C+bullet  Closed Loop – This product only works within a client-defined closed loop area; the transactions are authorised on us rather than MasterCard. All load funds are securely held in customer escrow accounts and automatically settled according to event owner rules. We manage the authorisation and settlement process on behalf of the event stakeholders.

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C+bullet  Engineered for maximum uptake and minimum downtime whatever the environment.

Our system is designed to leverage the benefits of online operation – online loading and account management, multiple top-up channels including auto-top-up, live transaction data, balance on app etc. – while still providing robust continuity of service when the network drops out.

The card is loaded and activated either via website, via an app or on site. The balance is live and stored in our data centre and/or on site server with live online transaction authorisations. The balance is updated and synchronised after every transaction.

The balance is also held on the wristband, and in the event that the network is not available for an online authorisation, then the transaction is authorised between the wristband and the terminal. Once the network is re-established, the balance is automatically re-synchronised with the onsite server and data centre.

Transactions settled at the end of the day, when all terminals have synchronised with the onsite server/ data centre.

Rob Langford, financial director, Isle Of Wight Festival: “We have worked with IVS each year since 2011 and consider them reliable partners who are always willing to help us to find robust technical solutions to all variety of challenges that we throw at them. They are a very approachable team who offer an attentive, personal and highly flexible service.”

Cashless Plus provides a fully integrated solution that incorporates the following services, optimised for live events:

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Please Contact us to find out more about Cashless Plus.

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