The BRIT Awards: Cashless & Access

  • Wristbands were scanned at the entrances to the parties verifying that the wristband was valid for the event and providing real time information for the organisers on the number of people on site at each location.
  • The handheld scanners connected via the existing wireless internet at the O2 with the server in the cloud making for fast and easy event support.
  • Use of cloud deployment makes for very minimal setup and a solution that can be dropped into any site with internet access.
  • Details of the valid wristband numbers, access locations, zones, etc. were set up on the server pre-event. The handheld scanners were then simply taken to site, given the details they needed to log into the O2’s wireless network, and MetaCore Access Control was ready.
  • Event organisers could use their laptops, tablets, or even their smart phones to see real time stats on the number of people on site, activity levels at each entrance, etc.
  • Any lost or stolen cards could be easily cancelled via the on-line administration tool and the information automatically distributed via the cloud to all the scanners.
  • The scanners also have full redundancy to work independently. If there are any interruptions to internet access during an event they switch automatically to running offline. Checking of ticket validation and recording of entry information continues uninterrupted and when internet availability is redetected the system automatically reconnects and sends the updated information to the server.
  • As well as MasterCard PayPass tags the MetaCore system also supports RFID and barcode wristband and ticket scanning.


We enabled multi-use MasterCard PayPass wristbands were used for access control into the VIP after-show parties at the Brit Awards 2012, as well as to purchase drinks at the bar.




VIP aftershow access control
Cashless payment via wristband

Cashless Payments