Isle Of Wight 2013: Access, Payments & Child Safety

Rob Langford, Director Solo Agency: “IVS delivered a professional and effective access solution using barcoded wristbands. This system allowed us to have valuable real time attendance data from their back-end reporting software. IVS have also provided a cashless payment system to provide our customers with fast payment in a green field environment. This year they also implemented an electronic staff accreditation system which they modified to our bespoke requirements.

We have continued to work with IVS each year since 2011 and believe that in IVS we have reliable partners who are willing to work with us to find robust technical solutions to all variety of challenges that we throw at them. They are a very approachable team who offer an attentive and personal service.”

We have now worked with the Isle of Wight Festival for three consecutive years to provide a robust access system  which has significantly reduced entry queues for  attendees and increased operational efficiencies for the organisers.

As a ticketless event, all attendees receive their wristband in the post. This is fitted with a 2d barcode linking it to their ticket order. On arrival they are scanned-in at the gates with no need to exchange a ticket for a wristband, providing cost savings and efficiencies for the event, and a much better customer experience through fast entry to the site. Furthermore, the smart access system eliminates ticket fraud and prevents pass-backs.

This year we implemented an electronic staff accreditation system. The tailored system gave festival organisers the ability to handle the large volume of staff they get on-site for the duration of the event.

Another new feature for 2013 gave parents the option to encode their contact details onto their child’s wristband which could be accessed by staff if the child had ended up separated from their parents. This system also prevented children from leaving the festival site unless their parent had scanned-out with them.

Separately we provided the event’s bar operator (Central Catering) with the facility to take fast credit and debit card payments at the bar token booths, promoting a move towards cashless and resulting in an overall uplift in bar spend.

We hope to carry on our work with Solo and to continually grow with the festival to provide systems to help the organisers and their guests.


For our third year at the iconic Isle of Wight Festival, we provided access control for all 55,000 visitors using 2d barcode wristbands and supplied the event's bar operator with quick payment devices for card transactions.

We also introduced a new staff accreditation system and a child-safety feature which allowed parents to electronically encode their contact details to their childrens' wristbands


Solo Agency (bar operator: Central Catering)


Access Control
Electronic Staff Accreditation
Managed Fast Card Payments
Child Safety

Cashless Payments