Introducing RFID Membership Cards at Goodwood Racecourse

Goodwood's new RFID Membership Card

Goodwood’s new RFID Membership Card

The UK’s outdoor events season got off to a flying start as our In-Site event technology propelled one of the most traditional sports into the contactless age, at Goodwood Racecourse.

The opening meeting of the flat-racing season at Goodwood saw the introduction of RFID [radio frequency identification] Members’ Cards for premium access to the racecourse.

Members of the exclusive Goodwood Horseracing Club were provided with the electronic smartcards for the first time, allowing them extra-fast access to top-tier facilities and reserved seating on race days.

In-Site Event TechnologyIntelligent Venue Solutions provided the new system, utilising their In-Site events technology, which also enables contactless access control for general admission guests using barcode-enabled lapel passes.

Paul Pike, Co-founder and director of Intelligent Venue Solutions commented: “Whilst Goodwood has embraced electronic access for the past three years, the introduction of a faster and more efficient technology sees a step-change for future operations.


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